hh 47

sint-martens-latem 2016

This house with adjacent office space is very special to JUMA, since it is the design of their own home.

The fact that the plot is located away from the street appeals to them because of the lush surrounding greenery that creates an entirely private area. The long driveway leads to a cozy, welcoming inner court, bordered by three connected volumes. These consist of a double garage with wood siding, the architects' office with separate access and finally the private home of the owners. The 3 volumes vary in height and together create a very readable design.


The floor plan of the home is elongated, as JUMA has a soft spot for long-drawn-out and low forms. Even the children's bedrooms are located on the ground floor. Only the master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom is situated on the first floor, like a separate suite.

The orientation of the house is not ideal but JUMA saw this as a challenge rather than a disadvantage. The glazed portico between the kitchen and living space creates an in-between garden or patio of sorts. In this way, the inhabitants get to enjoy more varied views of the garden that are not solely limited to the backyard.

Photos © Annick Vernimmen &
Eugeni Pons for Arquitectura y diseño