les paletuviers


Les Paletuviers is a charming family hotel that is managed with love and passion by Karolien Pieters. A few years ago, she took over the baton from her father.

Due to the proliferation of different types of buildings and the lack of logical passways running between them, the hotel required a master plan to create structure and a more sensible whole. This is why the help of JUMA architects was called in.

The existing huts in which the rooms are accommodated are completely renovated. They are given a more pleasing and sensible layout and are provided with a round thatched roof. Some of the huts have their own private outdoor space and are equipped with an outdoor shower.

Several existing buildings have been demolished to obtain more open space and in three strategic places JUMA designed oval pavilions that are built according to the same principle, yet fulfill a different function in each of the locations.

The entrance pavilion is positioned at the start of the main circulation axis and immediately provides a breathtaking view of the terrain with its lush nature. Here, tourists are welcomed at the reception and can enjoy a relaxing moment with a refreshing drink after a tiring journey. This is also the perfect gathering point before leaving on an excursion.

The other two new pavilions, which respectively accommodate the bar and the spa, are organized around the existing swimming pool and constitute a complete upgrade of this area.

Because of this approach, the architecture remains very readable. The round huts are the private rooms of the hotel guests and the oval pavilions house the public areas.

The result of all these interventions is a splendid boutique hotel in beautiful Senegal!