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sint-martens-latem 2024

Along the green, winding roads around the golf course in Sint-Martens-Latem, JUMA deliberately chose to integrate the new home to be built on this unique plot into nature as much as possible. To reinforce this line of thought, the second floor was carefully positioned and limited in area. Further, therefore, the living space and the parental bedroom with ancillary rooms were placed 45 cm lower than ground level. This highlights the low horizontal character of the house and creates a discrete set of volumes. Above the eaves peak grasses growing on the roof. The climbing greenery on the facades softens the overall architectural image, and the garden walls flanking the home reinforce the simplicity the home exudes.

This austere approach is in stark contrast to the sometimes bombastic and showy villas in the area.
In terms of materialization, the house was constructed in a pallet of reddish-brown tones. The irregular facade brick is combined with a sort of collar of pigmented concrete that serves as both a roof edge and a canopy. 
The uniform tones of the home "blend" nicely with the natural landscape and give a certain robust character to the home. Wabi-sabi.

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