villa lo

aalter 2023

The clients of this project wished to steer away from a stark and austere architecture and expressly asked JUMA to create a charming design for their new home.
This prompted the design decision to opt for a classic gable roof, as well as the use of traditional materials such as solid oak beams and Burgundian roof tiles.

The position of the different volumes and the way they are interconnected is very pure and minimalist, and constitutes a contemporary interpretation of a classical theme. The systemic approach to the façade design further enhances this effect.  

JUMA as it were designed a house to be built in front of a house and connected the two. 
The volume used to connect the two serves as an entrance hall with a spacious cloakroom. This allows easy access either to the house itself, which has a more private character, or to the outbuilding with a party room and a guest house at the front.

The side facades are finished with wooden cladding, while the front and rear facades reveal a finish in light brickwork.

The covered terrace with outdoor fireplace offers a beautiful view of the old oaks in the garden. The sitting pit a little further on has been purposely designed so as not to obstruct the view from the house. In this way, the lush surrounding greenery can be enjoyed to the fullest. 

The staggered arrangement of the volumes creates interesting outdoor spaces and cosy spots to linger, that vary according to the need for security, shelter or sunshine. This house was designed to maximise the enjoyment of different scenarios throughout the year.

The multi-purpose room with a fully custom-built bar was fitted with two large guillotine windows to allow easy access to the elongated swimming pool.
This is JUMA's way of creating the ideal setting for memorable pool parties!