villa perinne

JUMA architects were contacted for the interior design of a shell-state apartment on the coast. The structural construction, the plastering, the floor screed and the technical fittings (heating ducts, plumbing, electricity and ventilation) of the apartment had already been realised.
It soon became apparent, however, that the assignment could not be limited to the interior decoration only, as the placement of kitchen, bathroom and dressing room in the existing plan turned out to be entirely impractical. More extensive renovation work was needed to meet the needs of the customer. The structure of the unit was therefore slightly adjusted to make the bathroom and dressing larger and more functional.
Also, the living room was dominated by a huge radiator that drew all the attention. To solve this problem, new pipes were laid to accommodate an integrated heating element in the sideboard. Gas pipes were fitted in the kitchen for the gas cooker which JUMA included in the design as a real eye-catcher. The sinks, in contrast, were given a more discreet placement.

Light oak parquet was selected for the floors throughout the apartment. The natural appearance of the wood gives all the rooms a warm feel. The built-in furniture was custom made and is finished in black satin lacquer to contrast the light-coloured wood. The dominant colour palette is deliberately kept very simple and neutral and is complemented with light grey tones and colour accents. The colour choice was in fact inspired by a beautiful picture of the coast.
The freestanding furniture and overall decorations were also selected or designed by JUMA architects. The arrangement of the seating area is very playful and atypical. JUMA did not want to put in a couch that would divide the space in two. The composition is meant to create a very open ambiance. A round table was chosen for the same reason. The round shape does not divide the space but allows fluid circulation.


Pictures © Liesbet Goetschalckx