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JUMA architects, residential architecture custom-designed.

JUMA Architects is a Gent based architecture firm founded by Mathieu Luyens & Julie van De Keere in 2009 with a focus on creating well-crafted and custom made structures. Our aesthetics are modern and minimal with careful usage of light, space, emotion and the unique characteristics of each location. It is our mission to efficiently deliver a project from the first planning stages through to the fine detailing of materials and furniture design.

Our specific approach allows us to be passionate designers and functional builders while efficiently creating a cost effective and personal structure for our clients. Have a look at our projects.

Questions or need of advice? We’ll be happy to help. Get in touch through our contact page.

Building emotion.
JUMA architects - Mathieu Luyens & Julie van De Keere

Photos © Chess Bonte

Our team

Mathieu Luyens - architect / founder
Julie van De Keere - architect / founder
Amber Bailliu - architect
Louis Francois - architect

Juma about
Juma about